What Is Elephant Kratom?

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Elephant Kratom is a unique type of Kratom product. Named Elephant Kratom because the Kratom Leaves used to produce Elephant Kratom, are broader in general and resemble elephant ears. It has a good effect to strengthen the mood and a good energy booster effect. Elephant Kratom is reported to have a greater degree of alkaloid content due to its maturity level.  

Recommended Strains from Borneohale  

      – Green Elephant

The best strain for stimulants Green Elephant has strong stimulant properties along with moderate euphoric effects. Its name comes from having large leaves that resemble elephant ears.  With its potent effects, this strain also gives overall improved well-being.  


  • Red Elephant

The excellent strain for stress relief Red Elephant has cognitive enhancement effects that result in having a clear mind and feeling motivated. It’s one of the best strains for a hectic schedule as it will improve users’ moods and give them the energy to be productive throughout the day.  


  • White Elephant

The right strain for depression and focus White Elephant provides strong stimulation, energy boost, and euphoria effects. With an average of 20-30 minutes of onset, this strain is recommended for people with mild social anxiety, depression, or simply feeling blue    



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Great, I thought it just the name. 

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I just know about this one. I thought Elephant Kratom is coming from Thailand because the icon of Thailand is Elephant


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