The Reasons Why Kratom Shouldn’t Be Banned

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Kratom is a miracle leaf that, according to reports by many kratom users, is very effective in treating several ailments, such as chronic pain, some mental illnesses, and insomnia. Besides, it is also used for relaxation, to increase productivity, and as an energy booster.
With such benefits, does Kratom still have to be banned?
There are several reasons kratom should not be banned.
1. If Kratom is Banned, It Will Damage the Ecology
In Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Borneo, Indonesia alone, there are around 20 million kratom trees. imagine If kratom was banned globally, and the kratom tree had to be exterminated. It will significantly affect the ecological balance considering that Kalimantan is the supporter of the world’s lungs.
2. It is Chemically Possible to Remove the Narcotic Compound
Humans benefit from the chemicals found in kratom. Mitragynine, Paynentein, Speciociliatine, and Spyciogine are analgesic compounds in kratom. These substances are useful to alleviate headaches and relieve pain. They have antitussive, anesthetic, and stimulant properties, and are useful as a pain reliever or stimulant during surgery.
3. Kratom Regulation is Preferable than Outright Ban
Instead of suppressing kratom, the FDA and other nations’ FDAs could build consumer confidence by establishing universal kratom regulations. It shouldn’t allow stores and individuals to sell and distribute adulterated versions of kratom in its supply chain. Labeling requirements should be in place so that users can track how much kratom they take. The regulation shouldn’t allow brands of kratom to make unsubstantiated health claims. It also shouldn’t permit minors under 18 to buy kratom without the presence of a parent or guardian.
So, does kratom still need to be banned or does the right regulation need to be made?
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