Taking Kratom in between med for pain

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16 on February 15, 2018

Does kratom work for breakthrough pain and is it safe? Want off meds from 9 yrs, but pain severe and panic attacks. Bought maeng da red horned. Took one teaspoon and I felt nothing but pain taken several hours after meds. Med wears off at 4-6 hrs, and extreme sleepiness sets in. Dr won’t adjust med. I’m in bed 6-7hrs per day. I’m a former trainer and AH practitioner. Now age 59, 9 yrs of hell now. But will Kratom work if on meds for tiredness, no motivation due to pain. Can anyone help me with answers?

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7 on February 15, 2018

Hi, I have had 4 back surgeries, and my doctor has me on very little narcotics and will not increase it, soo frustrating! Take it right when your meds wear off. I have only taken the capsules, that’s just my preference due to convenience. I take anywhere from 4-8 capsules at a time, depending on how much pain I have, what strain. It’s really just a trial and error deal. Everyone is different. If 1 t. didn’t help, take more, the worst it could do is make you nauseated, if it’s too much. It can make a big difference where you get it from also. Kratomcountry.com, or kratomcapsules.com are two sites I trust. It’s hard for me to get both energy and pain relief. But, it’s hard for me to get energy at all, I spend a lot of time in bed as well, it’s getting really hard for me to function anymore. Saying that, I do get quite a bit of pain relief from kratom, but it’s not a new spine, and that’s what I need, haha. Bali is good for pain, but can be sedating. Any of them will be sedating if you take enough, but that’s also where it starts to help with pain. it’s finding that fine line of pain relief/energy. I like the ultra bali blend from kratom country. For me, it helps my pain and does not make me too tired. It is stronger than regular bali, but you probably need stronger since you’re used to narcotics. Hope this helps. God bless

on March 2, 2018

I’m a Kratom Newbie and I just started trying Kratom.  I too cannot get my pain meds raised, so most times the last week before I see the Dr. again, I am short on my meds, so I figured I would try Kratom. I read you should take 2 gm. to start out. My capsules are 600mg. so if I take 4, that’s 1.9 gm.  Well, I could tell it did something, but no pain relief.  Today I took 5 ea. and still nothing.

My point is that being on Opiates for so long, I do agree that you will need a larger dose.  Tomorrow I will take 6 ea. and see.  I want to try and make this work as with alll the regulation affecting opiates now, it is crippling the honest people, and it is a challenge every month to get my scripts filled anymore.  I’ve had it!  

Good Luck Faithrile!

on March 26, 2018



How did you make out I am going to order today to start this week.



on April 5, 2018

Try sky hippo
My favorite to wake up in the morning and have some pain relief !
At night I would recommend Snuggie and or sleepy hippo to relax and wind down.

vendors name is called happy hippo

on April 10, 2018


Thank You so much for responding 

The more positive stories I hear the easier it is to take a leap.

What was ur level of OXY and How many times a day and at what dose are you taking the kratom?

How was the ride?

Thank YOU again





on April 11, 2018

Had surgery almost 2 months ago ! I was taking 10 mg Percocet 2 tablets every 4 hours alternating days with the same dose of 10mg norco at night I was taking 30 mg roxy witch is strait oxycodone needless to say my opiate dosage was very high yet I stopped after 3 months of use I would rather deal with post surgical pain over struggling with addiction I seem to have that genetic thing for a predisposition to substance abuse! I am 59 and have plenty of experience in this area since I use to be a substance abuse counselor! I had 10 years of sobriety then got addicted to pain meds after getting hurt on the job ! Had 2 back surgery’s appendix came out hernia surgery hip&knee replacement and most recently foot surgery!
Detox is going to be uncomfortable no way around that yet you want to minimize your suffering as much as possible! Myself I put myself in inpatient medical detox for a week then I continued taking detox meds at home for 1 week the usual meds Valium muscle relaxer clonidine ammonium ad moltrin 800 then on day 15 I stopped the detox meds and started kratom tea I mix it with coffee 3 to 6 cups during a 24 hour period of time mix about a gram in each cup! I use a reliable vendor called happy hippo for energy in morning strains called sky hippo rockstar hippo & hyper hippo , for pain elite elephant at night to relax sleepy hippo & snuggle hippo , I do have concerns about kratom abuse and kratom withdrawal I only been taking the tea for about 2 weeks it has been about 5 weeks that I been completely opiate free no narcotic pain meds only tea 😀 last words are please be careful you can get addicted to anything that makes you feel good I hope and pray that does not apply to you? Good luck

on July 5, 2018

Jim can you please tell me what blends/type you use for pain relief. I am on strong narcotics and coming off gradually. I have only been using kratom about a month. Thank you. You can reach me at sarahtait3457@me.com!


on December 18, 2020

Red Kapuas Hulu worked well for sudden stoppage of Percocet,,, Four days of this red Kratom was nice then off Kratom and no bad effect at all!
Back on Kratom again with a variety of strains and an energetic blend!
Grateful to be off a steady diet of acetaminophen and low dosage codiene! The Tylenol is very very bad and I believe a break into Kratom for a while can’t do much harm!
I’ve read of the prolonged use then withdrawal problems with Kratom but I am confident a taper down will work!
On a study note I’ve been on and off methadone twice and I thank God for Kratom and it’s benefits so far,,, would never want them liquid hand cuffs again!
In short Kratom for me was great for zero withdrawal symptoms from prescribed opiates!
Mission accomplished

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4 on April 10, 2018

Kratom Newbie here…with an update to my comments dated 3/2/18.

Well, I ended up taking 7 capsules and it worked! The pain subsided and I was able to function to at least make it through work.  I agree with everyone, you have to find your own dose and strain that works for YOU!  I just took an extra capsule each day till it worked, and for me that is 7 – 200mg. caps.  But, at that dose you go through a lot of Kratom fast, and it gets expensive, so if you start that high, keep in your mind to start reducing that dose as well.

I also relate to comments made that if you’ve been on Opiates a long time, it is going to take a larger dose to work.  I have been on Fentanyl 100mcg. patch and breakthru pain I take  30mg. tabs of Oxycodone 30.  THAT is a lot of medicine and I have been on that for 10 years I would guess?  It will NOT be easy for me, this I know. But, I did get an extra 10 years of productive life from the meds.  Now, with Big Pharma and the “Feds” messing with everyones medications, it’s almost becoming hopeless in getting my prescriptions filled (forget about insurance covering them anymore too), and every month is a hassle, so it is time to face the music.

If anyone else can comment on suggestions for using Kratom for this, I’m sure I speak for everyone in this forum, Thank you for taking the time and for sharing the information, it is truly appreciated.

on April 10, 2018


WOW… So you started 03/02 you took your first dose….

And you started out taking how many capsules? 

Worked up to 7 capsules and that would considered a holding dose.

How many times a day are you taking 7 capsules 

How do you feel


What if you are feeling like shit?

Do you just take 7 more???

Are you totally off the Pain meds?



on April 12, 2018

Monster 269,
I read they suggest you start with 200gm., so I converted that to the Capsule quantities, I think it worked out to 4 capsules?  Then I tried 5, 6, and then 7.  I feel better, but, I am not off the opiates completely yet, although that is my goal.  If you are new to Kratom, take it with food, most say to take it on an empty stomach, but the food worked better for me.

I take 7 twice a day, seems to work.

Good Luck!


on April 12, 2018


So the first day I am going to just replace one of the Roxi doses with a kratom dose to see how I feel.

Provided I feel of I then replace to with 2 and so forth and so on.

You are taking the capsules?

That’s what I was planning on doing.

How are your cravings?

How are you sleeping?


So you are successfully weaning down with the help of Kratom?

While keeping your withdrawal to minimum at the same time staying functional

That is F–King AMAZING!!! 



on July 5, 2018

Kratom newbie-I have info saved where I was told it takes 7-9 grams for pain relief. I tried lesser amounts and that didn’t work. I am currently on 7 grams morning and night and it works. Hope you find the pain relief you need. Hugs,!


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0 on July 12, 2018

I’ve been living with CCI pain since 1995, and on opioids since 1998.  I’ve had 4 spinal surgeries during those years, and they helped reduce the pain, but were never able to rid me of it.

OxyContin was a miracle drug for me, in that it allowed me to function at all.  I’ve been stable on it (with breakthrough oxycodone pills when needed).  In the past 20 years I never once came up short, and my pain management specialists have always trusted me.

I had resigned myself to being dependent on opiates for the rest of my life, but in the end that didn’t bother me.  Every few years I would voluntarily reduce my dosage and I always re-learned just how much they were helping me live a somewhat normal life.  I don’t abuse it, and there is no fear of me overdosing.

But now with War on Drugs v. 2.0, I’m being reduced in my dosage, even against my doctor’s will.  (On a positive note, my pain specialist tells me that those in the pain management field are up in arms and think that the hysteria will die down in a year or so).

Anyway, I too am new to Kratom, and hope it will help with breakthrough pain.  Reading this thread has helped me, so thanks all for sharing.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


PS: some might not know what I mean by CCI pain.  It stands for Chronic, Constant, and Intractable.


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0 on May 27, 2019

I am from borneo of indonesia.. All of kratom starins have releaving pain.. But you must buying a fresh kratom..

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0 on May 31, 2019

I would of gotten the green version. Works better with pain and happy feelings to get you motivated. Also if you don’t do it all the time have you tried it with a kratom extract. I take the forty fives along with the kratom and it really helps with stubborn pain.

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