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I need some serious advice please. I tried Kratom for the 1st time about 10 weeks ago. I have only ever taken one preparation of it: MIT45. I have never seen the leaf or powder form. I went on YouTube after watching a NetFlix documentary and most were suggesting the extract and touted the brand MIT45 as the best (in terms of manufacturing quality). So that’s what I got. I consumed about 1/3 the first time and felt absolutely nothing from it. I was actually kind of annoyed because of all the hype and it was about 20 bucks. A few days later I tried it again but this time took almost a whole bottle and was really surprised how good of a response I got. So I started doing about 1 bottle a day, always once a day…then 2…then 3…then 4. So for the past 8 weeks or so I have been drinking about 3 bottles of MIT45 a day. I stopped about 2 weeks ago for 4 days and didn’t notice any withdrawal so I figured I was below the threshold of physiological dependance. I stopped for a few days last week after doing a single shot Monday morning. By Wednesday I was in a world of hell. And I mean rock-solid, hard-core, kill-me-now withdrawal.

Dear friends, I know nothing about Kratom. But I know what opioid withdrawal is. I had to go to a 2 day wedding so I HAD to take some to function. I am in a very bad situation. The fear is real and that can be the worst part. I am really hoping someone here can calm my fear. What the hell should I do? Can you taper off of Kratom? Tapering is awful with any opioid but maybe Kratom is a little bit gentler and kinder than say oxycodone? I can tell you that I got ZERO sleep for 3 days before I finally took some Kratom. I tried clonidine and a benzo and nothing was going to break the withdrawal I felt.

Today I took 1.25 bottles of MIT45. My wife is like super pissed at me, but she’s 100% supportive…she just want’s me to not be addicted. I don’t want to be addicted. If I may write plainly…just how fucked am I?

I am going to taper. No way I can endure withdrawal that bad. And no way am I going to take something like Suboxone to get off of Kratom…that just feels way wrong.

Is Kratom a bit more forgiving when you taper? What the hell is in a MIT45 shot anyway? It feels like I am literally poisoning myself with that dark oil…can I or should I switch to making tea or capsules? I am toxic with this MIT45 stuff.

My only idea right now is to take 1/2 a bottle for a few days and keep reducing over time. But is Kratom a totally different actor than pharmaceutical grade opioids? Is the taper off of Kratom a totally different paradigm than would apply to opioids?

I can’t believe that I am spending 100 dollars <em>a day</em> on something I buy at a gas station. Crazy right? I want off. I over did it. I know I will have to pay a price. But I can not function. I am literally unable to go out of the house because I feel so terrible. Clearly I am toxic with this stuff. I think the first thing is to find a dose small enough that I don’t get sick or hungover (which is what I think is happening) but large enough to keep me out of withdrawal and then slowly reduce the dose from there.

There has to be other’s out there that are buying MIT45 by the case and poring 4 or 5 bottles into their morning smoothie…or am I the only idiot in the world?

Thanks to anyone that might help me formulate a way off of this stuff. A plan is hope, and hope is everything.

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Your tolerance appears to be very high.  There’s a couple of things you can do for that.  The easiest is to take a break.  This can be hard cold turkey, but it can be done.  There’s also other options like hirsuta, javanica, and akuamma that you can use during the break that gives kratom like feelings while your body has an opportunity to reset.

Another option is to better potentiate what you are taking.  Basically there are things that you can eat/drink that either make the alkaloids in the kratom more bioavailable or they increase the perceived effects.  Tumeric, curcumin, black pepper power etc. are good potentiators.  Acidic acid from lemon juice or lime juice can help break the kratom cell walls, thus making the alkaloids more bioavailable (more for your body to absorb).  Freezing and warming (close but not boiling) can also do this.

Another thing that helps is to rotate strains.  Each kratom strain has different alkaloids and different quantities of the alkaloids.  MIT45 might be a good choice for one person, but perhaps the alkaloids from their strains another person feels nothing from.  By rotating, you avoid building a tolerance to a specific strain.  

Another option is stacking.  THC and CBD is reported to enhance the perceived effects of kratom.  If you’re not into those, kava, kanna, magnolia bark, and blue lotus have also been reported to do that.

Anyways, that’s about the best I can give you.  I hope this helps!

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