I got 50 TONS of Kratom from a storage locker auction, Now what?

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6 on January 19, 2020

Hello everyone. My name is Phil, I live in Myrtle Beach SC.

I buy and sell storage units at auction, yes, just like on “storage wars” I’ve been doing it on and off for a few years, I’ve made some really good money, I’ve lost some too. I once bought a 8×12 full of dirty diapers. FULL….(lol, no shit)

Recently I bought a few units at an auction in a nearby town. When we were bidding all we could see was brown cardboard boxes stacked floor to ceiling, no labels, no nothing.

I won the bid, and after doing paperwork opened one up. All the boxes are identical.

inside was 1 big plastic sealed bag, inside a fine green powder.

At first we thought some sort of lawn chem supplies, as a lot of landscapers use these places to store stuff… then wee thought some cooking tea extract (smells just like tea) then by chance, a guy sees it and says holy shit, thats kratom!

A few texts and pics later, and a local friend who uses it confirmed, its kratom.

I have 1821 of these boxes now, each weighs about 55 lbs. after doing some math, I now own 45,300 or so kilograms, aka 50 freekin tons of this stuff.

I know NOTHING about this. I’ve never used it, our first google searches had me worried I now owned illegal shit.

I’ve learned a lot these past few days about it… now see its legal, see the controversy… etc.

I am a vet and have a lot of buddies in the veteran community giving me some great info.

But now, what the hell do I do with it all.

I have no aspirations to open a Kratom store, or website, or deal in Kratom. Dont be offended, its not because I am against it or some bullshit, I have neither the time or inclination. I just want to get rid of what I have as fast as possible and move on

I do have a lot of questions. I tried asking on another forum and was run out with people accusing me of being a fraud, insults… it was crazy.

1. Is there any legal issues in selling what I have. DO I need any licences federally? I dont see anything in SC were I am , but I do read about people getting hit by the FDA. their shit seized… what do I need to look out for get or worry about?

2. What do I have? I have pics to upload… so far everyone says its “green indo”, we have NO paperwork, NO info. I cant tell you why it was abandoned, the only thing we know is the owner had several units with a lot of other items, household stuff… etc. nothing stolen, and has disappeared, had not paid a LOT of bills in months. It happens a lot more than you think.

3. It was a climate controlled dry storage unit. everything looks sealed, we see no moisture or mold… is there any EASY way to get what we have tested. How do I know what it actualy is (strain, potency etc)

4. By my math at retail prices, I am a gazilionair now… but in reality, what is a REAL and fair price I could expect to charge and by what amount?

what I mean is… I am not wanting to cut these boxes up and sell by the kilo… I have sold a few now to some people from facebook, a guy from a MMA/Jiu jitsu forum I am in told me about his forum and another… 2 guys from there paid me 60 a k to send to them… but I dont wanna sell kilos unless its really worth it. So what is a fair price I can expect to ask for per 55lb (25kilo) box?

Do people buying bulk usually buy by ton? 100k? whats a NORMAL buy for a store or wholesaler?

5 What scams are rampant? Do I have to worry about kratom fiends that look like Tyrone Biggums breaking into my warehouse now? How am I gonna get ripped off and I never saw it coming?

6. Where can I get this tested. I have a few people that I sent samples out to that are gonna try it and report back, (and I dont mind this at all if you are for real, just send me a shipping lable from MYrtle beach 29579 to you) but I hear all sorts of stuff about testing. What is tested for? Is there grades? What ruins it? What makes it like finding 1800 cases of old champagne? what makes it like finding 1800 cases of lawn clippings?

I appreciate any and all help I can get. However, in the few places on FB i posted about this, I have been BOMBARDED by people asking for free samples. I am not gonna send free samples to people just looking to try it (aka get free kratom) and review it. If there is a serious chance if its good you would want a larger amount.. all I ask is you send me a shipping label. I will send you out a nice size bag.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

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2 on January 22, 2020

Wow. That is such an awesome story. I believe you. You made me laugh about the dirty diaper locker (although I am SURE you weren’t laughing at the time…lol). I live in upstate NY, so I am a long ways from you. I think you might be able to get rid of it in 10 kilo lots and you could probably get people to pay around $400 if it’s decent. After you sold a couple of those, you might be able to actually find a larger scale buyer. I know you’re not interested in becoming a kratom dealer, but if you want to maximize your opportunity, you might need to dip your toe in that pool for a minute. I would recommend getting yourself on a few of the discussion sites like this one and NOT telling your story. Just start out small and sell a few kilos for super cheap, then let people talk about it. Trust me, if you’re able to come in at half the price, you’ll create a buzz and these people WILL talk about it. After a couple weeks you start offering a 10k option. That’s when you will start to separate the Men from the Boys, and from there it won’t take long to land your whales.
I hope that this helps a little.

In a nutshell, I guess I would recommend taking some time and maybe even plan on paying a couple more months rent on the space ( I don’t think anyone has to tell you that sometimes you have to spend a little money to MAKE money…). If you play this hand even halfway decent, you really could end up WAY ahead. I have been a kratom user for about 5 years. Im also a business owner, a dad and a football coach. Many people in my life use it every day. There are more “legit” kratom users out there than people realize. We’re everywhere. I know you’re flooded with requests, but if you let me send you some money for a sample, I might be interested in getting a sizeable amount if it’s decent leaf. Let me know.

on January 23, 2020

Wow, neither of you care about this plant at all, huh? What a horrible idea on both your parts, shame on you. just saying. 

on January 23, 2020

I have never heard of it till now, and dont care about it. it is a plant. Take your shame elsewhere. I am working to make sure this is done right, and could not possibly care less about comments like yours.


Jarvis, where in upstate? I am originally from outside Oneonta, my wife from the plattsburgh area!

can you email me so we can exchange numbers and talk? I have a lot sent out to various labs now… and am happy to send you some out. phil.craig77@gmail

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0 on January 25, 2020

You can sell it to the vendor need Kratom Bulk mate.

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0 on January 29, 2020

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