How do I ingest it?

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1 on July 8, 2018

I bought a sampler pack of 4 different varieties.  They are not capsules, but rather the “tea” itself.

I tried my first cup this morning.  The seller advised to start with 3-5 grams, so I simply added hot water.  Didn’t get any pain relief from it, but I don’t think I ingested the full amount because there was a thick layer of sludge at the bottom of the cup when I was finished.

Anybody have suggestions on how to prepare K when it comes in loose form?  Do I even need to make a tea with it, or can I simply stir it in some fruit juice?


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0 on July 12, 2018

I put some oj in my mouth then a teaspoon of Kratom and then wash it down! Takes some practice and you may even spit it up into the sink at first try but I think the general consensus is that everyone does it at least twice. Lol

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