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I am Marcus also known as madmaxnightrider from the ILoveKratom Forum. I have been taking Kratom daily for over 9 years now. I was addicted to Opiates, Muscle Relaxants & Benzos for about 5 years on & off. I went through 3 Outpatient Rehabs & stayed clean for a shortwhile. It wasn’t until I found out about Kratom that I stayed clean for good now. I have been clean for over 9 years now. One day at a time is all you can do & with Kratom as a Tool you can’t go wrong. I also have had Severe Chronic Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Stomach Issues, Migraines, Skin Problems & a few more Health Issues for years now but Kratom now actually makes Living worthwhile & gives me the Motivation to get through each day. I have Mild ASD which is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I have been writing Reviews for Vendors for the Past few years now on ILK. I have reviewed over 170 Vendors in the Past Several Years. If there is One Vendor I can Recommend it is Natures Cure because they have some of the Best Quality & Prices are Great at just $80 per KG. They have some of the Best Green MD that I have ever tried in all of my 9 + years of taking Kratom Daily. As you already know that Kratom does effects everybody differently so you may not have the same results as me. I am just putting a Recommendation out there.

I just wanted to Introduce myself & say Hi & I’m glad to be here on this Forum with all of you Kratom Supporting People. We Need everybody we can get to Fight the FDA & DEA for the Ban that they are trying to put on each State.

If anybody has any questions about Kratom just let me know. I have very limited Internet but I will try to answer them as soon as I can get the time. I am still Learning New Things about Kratom from time to time.

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