Has anyone successfully detoxed and quit or significantly reduced their usage?

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Wondering if anyone has successfully detoxed or quit using kratom and what the withdrawal was like and how they managed it.
I’ve been using it for a little over 8 years to manage severe back pain from an injury. It’s been amazing for me in so far that it got me off of every prescription pill the doctors had me on for the pain. For this reason I will always be an advocate of kratom as an alternate to traditional/prescription pain medications.
Unfortunately I have built quite the tolerance and I know I use far more than I should. The deciding factor or final straw for me is that it is starting to affect my sexual function but if I have to choose between ED or chronic pain, I’ll take the chronic pain every time.
I currently average around 250g per week over 6 or so daily doses.
I am going to cut down to 2g per day in one dose at night before bed, which is pretty close to cold turkey when compared to my current use. I don’t imagine it’s going to be pleasant. I already have hand tremors after 12hours without it.
Any suggestions/advice is welcome.

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