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What is Good Kratom?
A good kratom is a kratom that has gone through 2 types of lab tests. These 2 lab tests are very useful to find out which kratom product we will use. The 2 types of Lab tests in question are:
– MIT lab test
To determine the levels of mitragynine in Kratom products. Mitragynine levels are good according to Dr. Michele Ross in his book “Kratom is Medicine” on a scale of 1%-2%.
Borneohale products have 1.6% – 2% levels of Mitragynine which can be proven by lab test results.
– Microbes Lab Test
To know that the kratom product is free from bad radicals like
– E. Coli,
– Salmonella,
– Yeast and Mold as well as
– Heavy metals: lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.
Great Effect Kratom
There are various reasons people take Kratom. In general, people seek kratom for stamina, productivity, and mood-boosting. This is very useful in everyday life.
However, there are several things that make Kratom not work well.
– Kratom has no effect if the Mitragynine level is less than 1%, and Kratom can cause an overdose and be bad when the Mitragynine level is more than 2%.
– Kratom can cause nausea and even poisoning when Kratom is contaminated with bad radicals such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and other heavy metals, yeast, and molds.
It’s better to be more careful in buying Kratom, and always check the lab result certificate before buying Kratom
Recommendations for Kratom Borneohale which have excellent Mitragynine Levels:
– Premium Green Bika
This strain is obtained from the Bika Jungle, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Borneo. The fertility and the diversity of the minerals in the soil, give these strains a distinctive fresh aroma and also a high concentration of alkaloids. It is very suitable to boost your spirit and daily productivity.
– Premium Green North Putussibau
This strain is obtained from the North Putussibau Jungle, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Borneo. The extra care for nature from locals over there gives this strain a high concentration of alkaloids and is very suitable to increase your productivity.
– Premium White North Putussibau
This strain is obtained from the North Putussibau Jungle, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Borneo. The Forest is known for its fertility, giving this strain a high alkaloid level. It’s very good to increase your daily productivity and is suitable to be used as your mood booster.
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