Five Focus Areas For Effective B2B Email Marketing

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In insurance, e-mail marketing is one of the business email list easiest and most cost-effective ways to market your business to other businesses and independent agents. That’s why e-mail has become the marketing channel of choice for many B2B companies. When done well, insurance business email list e-mail campaigns improve B2B communication, stimulate leads, increase sales and boost your company’s business email list bottom line. If you sell to businesses or sell insurance products through brokers, consider e-mail marketing to maximize ROI. Not only is e-mail an affordable alternative to direct mail because you don’t have to pay for postage and printing, business email list but it offers fantastic flexibility. It allows you to easily personalize and send communications to multiple segments within your customer base. In addition, insurance e-mail campaigns can be easily launched and tracked, allowing you to business email list quickly communicate important information and swiftly respond to market changes. Create your insurance e-mail list.

E-mail list building requires effort. Start by business email list giving insurance prospects and customers every opportunity to sign up for your e-mails – both online and offline. This means posting a link wherever you and your customers meet, such as your Web site, transactional or support e-mails, and all printed materials. Make sure your reader knows what to expect from your e-mails, like how often they arrive and what they contain. business email list And remember to groom your lists by promptly removing those who unsubscribe. Know your customers. Once the list is created, subdivide it. Group your insurance customers by various criteria, such as age and preferences. Doing so will allow your business email list to interact with customers and prospects on a highly personalized level. Design for deliverability. From the subject line to the images to the response mechanism, make sure your insurance audience can easily see and the business email list finds the information they want. Test the mechanics of the e-mail, such as response links or the unsubscribe process. business email list Check deliverability with spam filters by using your e-mail provider’s content checker tools.

Be mindful of subject lines. Deliver relevant and business email list valuable content. Keep your reader’s interest in mind at all times and always answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” You only have three seconds of their time, so don’t keep them guessing. Remember to build in a desirable offer (like a free guide, case study, or report) to motivate response. Employers and independent insurance agents love these business email list kinds of offers. If you include an offer in your e-mail, you’ll drastically lift your response rates. Test and Track. Don’t send out an insurance e-mail campaign with fingers crossed, hoping it will generate leads and boost sales. Test campaigns, track business email list results and compare factors such as subject line performance and day/time sent to improve your results.

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