Easy Guide to the Best Kratom Dosage

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It is difficult to know how much Kratom dosage to take for diverse effects. There is currently insufficient study to determine the optimal dosage range. Anecdotal references from experienced users, on the other hand, could be useful. Borneohale worked on those references and came up with a basic Kratom dose guide.

Let’s have a look at this article and see what your dosage is!

Kratom Dosage in General

Please keep in mind that while this Kratom dosage can be used as a reference, the effects can vary depending on a variety of factors. Your age, sex, and health status, as well as different Kratom strains and veins, could all play a role.


1-3 grams: Increase focus, enhance general emotions, increase immune system, reduce stress, and relax nerves and mind.


4-6 grams: Boost energy and productivity, reduce symptoms of general and social anxiety, improve depression, and alleviate chronic fatigue.


7-10 grams: Chronic pain alleviation, exhilaration, improved sleep quality, addiction withdrawal.

Very High

11-15 grams: Sedation, “high” similar to opioids (increased risk of side effects and building tolerance).


>15 grams: Unless prescribed by a doctor or under expert care for a specific condition, this Kratom dosage is not suggested (increased risk of serious side effects and dependence).

PRO-TIP: Kratom dosage also depends on its vein colors and strains to attain the desired effects. Each vein color offers a distinct advantage. Each Kratom strain is unique.

Conversion of Kratom Dosage

Please keep in mind that the conversions below indicate an estimate rather than exact measurements consistency across all Kratom.

To accurately measure your Kratom dosage, you should get a scale. This is simply an option for those who are unable to do so.

Average Kratom Dosage for Powder Measurement Conversion (Grams) 1 Tablespoon 6.7 grams 1 Teaspoon 2.5 grams 00 Capsule 0.5 grams Crushed Leaf Measurement Conversion (Grams) 1 Tablespoon 2.7 grams 1 Teaspoon 0.9 grams 00 Capsule 0.5 grams     Is It Safe to Use Kratom?

You may be concerned about the safety of Kratom after learning the dosage. Is Kratom a safe supplement? Yes and no are the answers. Simply put, Kratom will not kill you (that’s what the data shows thus far).

In Europe and the United States, deaths due to Kratom use have been reported, but not in Southeast Asia. This is because practically majority of the instances are caused by poly-drug exposures, which are uncommon among Southeast Asian native users.

If you do your homework on kratom dosage, you will not discover any reports of health problems associated with it. Although Kratom is safe, be aware that it can induce brief undesirable side effects.

What’s the Takeaway?

You should keep in mind that these numbers may change depending on the dosing guidance. It depends on the strain you are using, the effect you want, and how you are taking it. The ideal dose is also determined by the amount of food in your stomach. If this is your first time taking Kratom, start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

Kratom can be consumed in a variety of ways, ranging from traditional procedures to novel approaches such as sprinkling it on food. While you appreciate the benefit, keep an eye out for the adverse effects that often accompany excessive use in high doses.



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I know u posted that link but I’m on the proverbial spectrum and me and reading .. not so good. Im taking this after being in pain MGMT for bad Crohn’s disease and then being on Suboxone @ 6mg, then weening down over 1.5 years, and used it to help me strategically ween down like 5 days a month w no detox issues. Id typically take like 16 capsules of kratom a day. I’ve been on it for the last month straight, and I’m bout to ween off but Im recently dealing w some mild detox, and I don’t understand why? SHOULD I FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH I NEED PER DAY AND TAKE IT ALL AT ONCE LIKE SUBOXONE, OR SHOULD I DOSE MYSELF EVERY 2 TO 4 HOURS AS I HAVE BEEN? In between some doses I have symptoms and other times 🚫??? IF U ANSWER THIS ILL ASK UNO MAS POR FAVOR MUCHACHO

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0 on September 10, 2022

I take 2 in the morning and every 6 hours is a great to take Kratom

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