Beware !! Metal Charge On Kratom

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Kratom is a magical leaf that is proven to be an alternative to various diseases. But it can also be perilous when kratom is processed in an unhygienic way. One Of the consequences is the presence of a metallic charge on Kratom.
Metal elements that commonly contaminate Kratom:
– Lead Metal
– Mercury
– Arsenic
– Cadmium
Causes of metal elements in Kratom:
– Kratom is contaminated with metal elements when harvested.
– The environment where kratom is grown is contaminated with metals.
– The drying process of kratom is traditionally done by drying directly under the sun.
Consequences of Metallic Charges on Kratom:
– May cause cancer
– Causing Poisoning
– Kratom effects are not felt.
Recommendation on Choosing Kratom Free from Metal Elements:
– Choose a Kratom product from a store or supplier that performs Microbial Testing first.
– Do not buy Kratom from unreliable sources.
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We have to care about the metal in order to the we get a good quality of kratom

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