9 Best Kratom-Producing Regions

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Kratom plants are generally found in tropical climates such as Indonesia, and especially in the forests of West Kalimantan. Kratom can thrive in the area around the river. The fertility and diversity of minerals in the soil around river flow greatly affect the content of Mitragynine in kratom.
Here are the 9 Best Quality Kratom-Producing Regions:
Bika is a sub-district in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Known for its Kratom forest, fertility, and mineral diversity in the soil, making Kratom from this area has a distinctive fresh aroma and high Alkaloid content.
Recommended Strains: Premium Green Bika
Boyan Tanjung
Just like Bika, Boyan Cape is also still included in the Kapuas Hulu area. The environment which is surrounded by hills and has a cool climate produces good quality and freshness of Kratom.
Recommended Strains: Green Boyan Tanjung
Bunut Hilir
The area’s clear river flows provide fertile soil, allowing kratom plants to thrive in Bunut Hilir. Kratom obtained from the Bunut Hilir Forest is famous for providing a strong power boost.
Recommended Strains: Green Bunut Hilir
Bunut Hulu
Still a clear river flow with Bunut Hilir, Bunut Hulu can produce very fresh kratom characteristics and is known as a strong increase in energy without producing drowsiness
Recommended Strains: Green Bunut Hulu
Embaloh Hilir
The forest area is well protected there. This provides good leaf freshness for the kratom plants that grow in Embaloh Hilir with a unique characteristic effect produced by the kratom plants from Embaloh Hilir. The Kratom effect of this area has the ability to speed up the wound healing process as well as improve the user’s health
Recommended Strains: Red Embaloh Hilir, Green Embaloh Hilir, White Embaloh Hilir
Kratom Jongkong Forest is known to be very dense, giving Kratom Jongkong a unique green and earthy taste. The location of the tree with fertile soil supports the growth of high-quality plants. This is the reason Kratom from Jongkong Forest became one of the Prima dona.
Recommended Strains: Red Jongkong, Green Jongkong, White Jongkong.
Kratom obtained from Kalis Forest has a unique effect by providing a mood boost. Kratom trees in Kalis Forest grow in hilly valleys, so they are able to grow well and also provide a unique natural aroma.
Recommended Strains: Red Kalis, Green Kalis, White Kalis
The locals in Mentebah Subdistrict are very concerned about the natural environment, making plants, including Kratom there, thrive and give a natural fresh scent. Locals also still use native herbs for health-related uses, making the Kratom tree well-preserved and growing well in the region. Its distinctive aroma and also high potential to relieve stress and fatigue.
Recommended Strains : Red Mentebah, Green Mentebah, White Mentebah
North Putussibau
Forests in North Putussibau are famous for their fertility, so Kratom from this area has high levels of alkaloids. Extra care for the local nature there makes kratom from here has a high concentration of Alkaloids and is very suitable for increasing productivity.
Recommended Strains: Premium Green North Putussibau, Premium White North Putussibau.
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