7 things to consider before buying Kratom So that you don’t buy useless things

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1. Pay attention to the metal and bacteria content
The most important thing in buying kratom is the hygiene of the product itself. Before deciding to buy Kratom, always check and ask about lab tests so that the product you buy is free from metal and bacteria content.
2. Check the Mitragynine Levels
Mitragyna content is the most dominant compound found in Kratom. Good Mitragyna is on a scale of 1% – 2%. Below 1% you will not get any effect, while above 2% indicates that the product is not a pure Kratom product.
Borneohale has a mitragynine content of 1.4% – 2%, And it can also be proven with the original lab results
3. Customize your needs with the Kratom you buy.
Kratom is an alternative to address some of the complaints. Like the Red Mentebah that grows in the Mentebah Forest and has Red Strains, it is effective in overcoming Insomnia. The strain and the place where the kratom grows affect its effect on the kratom product.
4. Warranty on the product
Warranty is very important when buying Kratom. Make sure the store you choose provides a guarantee so you always feel safe buying Kratom.
5. Buy from a trusted store.
With so many fraud cases happening, always make sure you order kratom at a reliable store. Although some offer good products, at very cheap prices, always make sure before deciding. Always check if the store has an official website.
6. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices.
Many stores offer kratom products at very low prices. This could be an indication of fraud or it could be that you will be disappointed because the product you ordered turns out to be of poor quality.
7. Estimate the estimated delivery time with your needs
If you order kratom from Indonesia, which is the largest Kratom supplier in the world, it will take a little longer due to the distance traveled, but you can still get kratom prices that are much cheaper. Before deciding to buy at Borneohale from Indonesia, make sure your kratom stock is still available.
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