RE: tolerance

Everyday off helps.  Half-life is on average 24 hours. For a 3g user, day one one has 30mg in the system, on redosing on day two he/she now has 45mg of mitragynine in their system, day three around 52mg, day four around 56mg, day five 58mg, day six 59mg, and day seven 60mg. With a standard of 1% mitragynine (very low) with a half-life of 24hrs.  In seven days the user has effectively doubled the amount in their system dosing 3 times a day.

One would have accumulated a lot without breaks over 3 years.

Each day off, you’ll reduce this amount in your system by half.  After a week, you’ll still have detectable amounts.  After a month you’ll still have some in your system, but it will be undetectable for the most part.  If you really want to take a break I would do a month if you can handle it.  Otherwise, try to take a couple of 3-4 day breaks a month or a week off.

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