RE: Taking Kratom in between med for pain

Kratom Newbie here…with an update to my comments dated 3/2/18.

Well, I ended up taking 7 capsules and it worked! The pain subsided and I was able to function to at least make it through work.  I agree with everyone, you have to find your own dose and strain that works for YOU!  I just took an extra capsule each day till it worked, and for me that is 7 – 200mg. caps.  But, at that dose you go through a lot of Kratom fast, and it gets expensive, so if you start that high, keep in your mind to start reducing that dose as well.

I also relate to comments made that if you’ve been on Opiates a long time, it is going to take a larger dose to work.  I have been on Fentanyl 100mcg. patch and breakthru pain I take  30mg. tabs of Oxycodone 30.  THAT is a lot of medicine and I have been on that for 10 years I would guess?  It will NOT be easy for me, this I know. But, I did get an extra 10 years of productive life from the meds.  Now, with Big Pharma and the “Feds” messing with everyones medications, it’s almost becoming hopeless in getting my prescriptions filled (forget about insurance covering them anymore too), and every month is a hassle, so it is time to face the music.

If anyone else can comment on suggestions for using Kratom for this, I’m sure I speak for everyone in this forum, Thank you for taking the time and for sharing the information, it is truly appreciated.

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