RE: Taking Kratom in between med for pain

Red Kapuas Hulu worked well for sudden stoppage of Percocet,,, Four days of this red Kratom was nice then off Kratom and no bad effect at all!
Back on Kratom again with a variety of strains and an energetic blend!
Grateful to be off a steady diet of acetaminophen and low dosage codiene! The Tylenol is very very bad and I believe a break into Kratom for a while can’t do much harm!
I’ve read of the prolonged use then withdrawal problems with Kratom but I am confident a taper down will work!
On a study note I’ve been on and off methadone twice and I thank God for Kratom and it’s benefits so far,,, would never want them liquid hand cuffs again!
In short Kratom for me was great for zero withdrawal symptoms from prescribed opiates!
Mission accomplished

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