RE: Quitting kratom

You guys, I’ve tried to quit several times. Almost made it once.. for about 2 weeks. Maybe 3. I’m an old time heroin addict. And I’ve been off the junk for 7+ years. I’d been on benzos after the heroin for my anxiety and became extremely addicted to them. They are as bad if not worse than kicking dope. After 6 months of being off of the benzos, I got fed up with not being able to sleep more than a few hours. I mean I was going mad. I can handle any other withdrawal symptoms it the lack of sleep that kills me. I work in logistics for a bmw partner and my job is very demanding. I was about to lose it and decided I’d try kratom to see if I could at least get energy here and there so I could work if I wasnt sleeping. Well. I loved it. It made me happy, work hard, and then I slept. Slept like the dead. It was a mistake. I should’ve known better. That was about 5 months ago and now after I tried to kick it I couldn’t get tover the fatigue. Huffing and puffing at work. So I started back. But I take a lot. A lot more than I should. Maybe 2 good tsps to start the day, then another 3 more times throughout. I have to dose about every 4 to 6 hours and I can tell it’s time cause I get really cold. And I have to dose during the nigjt. Honestly. I’m so tired of ppl saying this is all in my mind and Im weak for just not stopping. And “just be a man”. Ignorance is truly bliss. I’ve read about a CPL things I may try I this thread and I wanna thank you guys. It’s inevitable I have to try again.

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