RE: Kratom to reduce withdrawal from opiate withdrawal symptoms

First off, my apologies to Monster269 on 4/24 checking in on me, I just saw it.  I’m doing OK, but I must clarify that I am still on the Opiates.  When I initially wrote, I was two weeks without meds so I had to find a substitute…and found Kratom.  It worked, and got me through that period.

However, I AM getting ready to try and kick the Opiates with Kratom. But first, a summary of where I’ve been.  Been on Opiates for 10+ years, all arthritic and back related. Heavy opiate too, especially the 100mcg. patches of Fentanyl.  Happy to report that this month I asked my Dr. to switch me to 2 a day 100mg. Morphine-Sulfate time-released  I am SO happy for this little change, it seems to be working – yes I have more pain – but I am tolerant and determined, and happy that I am not a slave to those patches!  My current “regimen” is 120 ea. of Oxycodone 30mg. tablets for spike pain, and was 30 ea. 100 mcg of Fentanyl Patch every month!! That’s a lot of opiates…and tolerance buildup.  Thank God I now take 2 ea. of the 100mg. Morphine Sulfate instead (which is 60 ea. a month).

Once I get this new regimen leveled, then I probably make the leap to Kratom and go for it.  Another thing I have been doing is taking copious notes of EVERYONE’s contributions to this forum.  One of the “pay it forwards” I want to do is put together something like “How to kick Opiates with Kratom” type document, including what to do – what to expect – warnings of Kratom abuse, how to dose, I mean I’ve been all over the internet reading and sucking up as much as I can. Main reason is I want to be successful out-of-the-box when I make this leap, and the document as a by-product, well it’s the least I can do and offer when it works.  I have a brother who is kicking opiates, and he’s at the Methadone Clinic every morning at 7am. My Dr. recommended that to me as well, the Drs. just don’t know…and talk about a stigma! Imagine your neighbor cruising by the clinic with you standing out front for your “shot.’  Not that I would not do that if I had too, but with my two week Kratom trial run, I truly believe that this is better (natural) and WILL WORK!  How do i know?  By you wonderous people that share your experience strength and hope that it worked for you and in sharing your knowledge!  Thank each and everyone of your who shares!!  

KEVNOMORE – yes, sharing information without judgement – couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks. My question to the forum today was going to be: “Has anyone who is sharing been on opiates a long time, 10 or more years?”  And, You, DGibbs and a couple others answered that question by your sharing here, so thanks to all of you. 

Kevnomore – Hang in there! We can do this! I too, am functioning and show up to work everyday, I am productive. BUT, I am scared to death about being able to function with just Kratom, so you are not alone buddy. I believe though by sharing and helping each other, we’ll be successful.  I think it was DGibbs again that shared read on Google, facebook, etc…we are not alone, and I found reading that stuff when I get anxiety & despaired, it helps!

Sorry for the lengthy reply folks, but I’ve been away a bit, so lots to share, lol.  One PS ( post script) “Do you know how I found out about Kratom to begin with?!”  I was reading the Sunday paper about 1 1/2 months ago and there was a huge article on how younger people were turning to Kratom and killing themselves with it.  I dug deeper and know what I found?  It was because there were unscrupulous persons out there selling strains with e-coli bacteria in them so THAT was killing people.  (You’re safe if you stick to the internet dealers, etc..and I believe this problem has passed) – I don’t want to panic anyone but my point is you really have to what the bullshit media out there!  A LOT of bullshit is printed in the media! Stick to his forum and you’ll get the truth.  The paradox to how I found out about Kratom to begin with – is actually the thing that is going to save my life! How weird is that!  Have a great day everybody!

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