RE: I am courious about kratom

Hi Carlos, I see no one has replied to your question, which is a shame.  I’m fairly new to kratom myself, but I can probably give you some good information.  First of all, you didn’t say why you want to try kratom.  If it’s for pain relief you’d probably prefer something like Bali Red.  If it’s energy and an uplifted mood you’re after, Maeng Da is a good candidate.  By now you’ve probably read up on the various strains and have some idea what to try first.  I buy kratom locally, and haven’t tried any of the online vendors.  As for quality, read the labels carefully and do some online research regarding the brands you find.  Most of the better brands have some sort of laboratory analysis on the label.  If you’re buying locally, I’d stay away from brands with flashy labels, the sort that imply some sort of legal high or makes promises of happiness or wellbeing.  Two labels I trust here in California’s central valley are Klarity and New Age.  Krave is also a brand I think is good, but I haven’t tried it, that’s just from looking at the labels.  Capsules are a lot more convenient than powder, and you can save quite a bit by buying online.  

I just did a search on Amazon and didn’t find any kratom for sale at all, just books about it.  They sell lots of herbals in bulk, including kava kava and ashwaganda, both of which have similar effects as kratom.  Kava kava is more known for its euphoric effects, and has some potential for abuse.  It may be that Amazon is getting edgy about the possibility of the stuff being made illegal – or maybe they know something we don’t.

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