RE: Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms from kratom?

You have a battle. I can only attest to what I’ve felt. It’s not as bad now. Thank God. So I’m hoping a CPL more days. If you can get em to taper to a small amount and drop the dependency amount somewhat it may be easier. But there will be a point of hell. He’s gonna have to want it. That’s the key. Either that or must be locked in a facility. It can be treated as opioid dependce. I just don’t know how serious your son is and with dependency issues, if the addict isn’t committed, it will not happen. You can’t go to a detox I don’t think. They’ll probably laugh at you. I’m not sure if I’d had to I was gonna take some opioid and check in as opioid dependant and that way if have it in my system to get the treatment. Bottom line if he doesn’t want it. It want happen. And you have to when the shit gets bad.

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