RE: Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms from kratom?

Jim, Short answer: yes, But the good news is, at least with me I only experienced: chills, Sleeplessness, runny nose and general fatigue for about three days. After 72 hours. Felt as though the herb must’ve been completely out of me. I think I should save my comments for this forum for later, as I am now trying to get off this herb. A short history about myself: I’ve always been an alcoholic, but have not had a drink for three years. I attend AA regularly. The people in the group are my friends. I haven’t told them about my “Kratom” use, But plan to on my next meeting. Maybe I have been cheating, as I have not had a drop of alcohol in three years, but have used Kratom. Kratom, I Discovered back in early 2005 maybe, so I’ve been using it for quite some time. When I first started talking openly to counselors and groups at dependency type meetings, I would use the word Kratom. Most did not know what the word was. I felt like I was alone in my struggle to quit. I guess I’ve already said too much for now. Take care Jim and yes you can get through this. PianoMan

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