RE: Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms from kratom?

I don’t know where to start… YES – a ton of symptoms.

Heavy Kratom usage for 2 years straight. Didn’t miss a day for 2 years – literally. I was so addicted I planned a week in advance about how much more Kratom I’d need and how o was going to carry it around all day, wherever I went. In what container or bag I was going to carry it. What water/bottle I was going to have on me I order to wash it down.

It started with perhaps a 1/2 teaspoon once a day in the afternoon – just to power through the workday afternoon. It worked wonderfully.

Quickly it became 2, then 3 times a day, all of the time increasing my dose. Was up to about 1 tablespoon up to 5 times a day. I would plan my day around it. From 10am to 6pm I’d need a steady supply just to get through my day.

If I was delayed by an hour or two between doses, I’d start to crash; get the worst headaches and it was all I’d think about. This went on for 2 years, every single day.

After such a long time I wanted to get off if it, simply because I hated that the Kratom high crept into every single part of my life. When I tried to go a day without it, my life was hell – I didn’t get anything done at all. Headaches, fatigue, irritability.

I will continue another day… let me know what you think.

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