RE: Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms from kratom?

I used kratom to detox myself from a 10yr methadone abuse. I started to feel really disconnected from society and felt like I wasn’t living my best life, so I decided to quit using kratom. It worked wonders as the transition was pretty painless. However, after a few months on kratom I realized it had adverse side effects that made me irritable and just uneasy. I felt what seemed like opiate withdrawals and it was intense enough to take seriously. So, I did further research and found stem and vein kratom. It’s a less potent part of the plant that is supposed to help reduce tolerance and aid in tapering. So, I was on unemployment at the time so I took that for 5/days and with a lot of prayer and determination, I was off kratom completely. I don’t remember it feeling that uncomfortable as I was just looking forward to being able to wake up without my body aching to take some substance. My life got extremely better after that. I lost weight (kratom messed with hormone levels like all opiates do) and I was much happier and content with myself. I didn’t isolate myself like I was doing all those years (including being on kratom) abusing opiates. I didn’t touch anything until I got into a new relationship with a women who had alcohol issues, which being an addict I took on myself. I should have known better so it’s my fault not hers. However, we started using kratom here and there again to stop drinking. For a while it worked as I didn’t take it everyday (but we know how that works) and eventually we both became addicted to kratom. We are in the process of detoxing but it’s almost ruined our relationship as I moved out and the process of withdrawal is tough enough by yourself, but with another person who can’t control or understand she is irritable beyond control it’s pushing us apart. She now recognizes that it’s the kratom and we are on day 3 of taking stem and vein. I pray this too shall pass. But, we both have jobs and can’t sit home for 2-8wks and come back refreshed like I did when I took advantage of my unemployment status. Bottom line respect kratom as an opiate. Just because it’s legal in most states doesn’t mean your body won’t go through withdrawals. The first week is the worst and then it starts getting better with sleep and anxiety gets better as the weeks go on. It was rough and I hope I can get through it again and keep my relationship. Again, just respect it if you take it at all.   

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