RE: Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms from kratom?


Ive been taking Cocodamol for around 8 years now for back pain. 

Because my job is making and fitting granite worktops my condition is definitely getting worse.

Periodically I get really fed up taking pain killers. 

On the Joe Rogan show I heard about this alternative which could help or replace the codiene in Cocodamol without the nasty withdrawals.

So I’ve bought some Kratom Red and although very pensive I started to take at the same intervals I would take my Cocodamol.

I started like this:

3 grams of Kratom in the morning 

2 Cocodamol at lunchtime 

3 grams Kratom around 6pm

2 Cocodamol at bedtime around 11pm


I done this for a week then swapped the Cocodamol for Kratom so I was taking 4 doses daily.

After 2 or 3 days I took my morning dose which didn’t appear to have any effect.

I went to work and as lunchtime approached I started to get quite severe aches and knawwing pains in my shoulders. I’ve had this feeling before when I stopped Cocodamol cold turkey however this was always through the night.

I decided to take 2 Cocodamol to stop the knawwing. 

It did help slightly but I still want comfortable.

That night I made the decision that Kratom withdrawals where the same as or worse (at least for me) as Cocodamol is.

I went to bed and spent a horrible night rolling around with what felt like something trying to chew on my shoulders.

Even after another 2 Cocodamol at 1am these made no difference.

So my advice after taking low doses of Kratom for only two weeks is this.

My withdrawals happened even when I was taking low doses of  Kratom.

5 hours after my morning dose I felt really intense withdrawals which didn’t go away with Cocodamol. That’s after two weeks. Also my original pain came back with avengence. So for chronic pain in low doses it’s probably not effective. Then if you fall into the trap of taking high doses for a long period for pain you’ll be in a worse spiral than before.

I also travel abroad a lot which is never a problem if I’m carrying Cocodamol through passport control. Kratom could cause some serious questions and delays and possibly even  issued flights or worse.

I realise there are people out there taking much higher doses of codeine than me and may have different reactions to Kratom.

I’ve decided not to take anymore and stick to my original pain medication.

Im guessing in a few years time the opioid epidemic will shift to Kratom epidemic then when our governments make it illegal a lot of hooked users will be in a lot of trouble.

Joe Rogan and similar podcasts  should be very carful how they appear to glamorise Kratom.


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